Roof Repair and Maintenance

There are many roofing problems that can be solved without having to replace the entire roof. That’s why we have a full-service roof repair division! Our roof repair experts are great at diagnosing roof issues and fixing roof leaks. We are always happy to come out and inspect the roof leak issues and the entire roof as well. We will then provide you a free, no-obligation, roof repair estimate and our honest assessment of the condition of your roof. Our repairmen are extensively trained and have a minimum of five years of experience. We pride ourselves on being able to identify problems and fix them affordably and correctly.

Is your roof leaking?

Do you have missing shingles or ugly stains on your roof?

Matthew Lorand Roofing and Restoration Company has an experienced crew that can diagnose your roof problem and handle all your roof repair needs. When minor problems are overlooked, they can become costly problems that can damage the interior of your home. Make sure your home is properly protected with quality materials and reliable repairs. Fixing your roof now can also help you avoid expensive roof replacement. A sure sign of a leaking roof is when water has stained your ceiling or walls. Finding the spot where your roof is leaking can be difficult since water can enter the roof in one spot and run down to another before it gets into your living space. While most roof leaks are caused by damaged or missing shingles or tiles, the problem may also be inadequate flashing or more serious deterioration of the roof covering. We can find roof leaks quickly and provide all roof leak repair services. Why risk climbing on your roof? Trust our experts for fast, reliable help!

  • Roof Leaks
  • Blow-off damage from high winds
  • Hail damage
  • Structural damage from falling trees
  • Damaged or missing shingles & roof flashing
  • Tile Roof Leak Repairs & Replacements
  • Damaged skylights
  • Roof ventilation issues
  • Rotted wood or roof sheathing
  • Critter/Rodent Proof Roof Protection

Free Roof Inspection for Repairs and Maintenance

Whether your roof is damaged by a recent storm or from normal wear, our goal is to improve the condition of your roof and prolong the need for roof replacement. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable specialists! We will provide you with a free inspection of your roof. We have been serving the Austin Metro and surrounding areas since 1998.

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